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We make building an investment property quick and simple. You could have your new investment property within 9 short months.

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In 9 months from now, your project could be complete!

6 Reasons to Build Fast with BuildFast


Fastest approval process in NSW

Our exclusive CDC system bypasses the need for council approval, so developments are super fast, simple and stress-free.

Unrivalled experience

We out-experience every competitor in NSW when it comes to Complying Development Certificates (CDCs), which ultimately means you can start pocketing your property profits faster.

Fully customisable designs and floor plans

We’ve done the hard yards in pre-design to ensure our fully customisable dual occupancies, manor homes, duplexes and terraces are already compliant.

Land selection

We’ll help you find the right land that lends itself to fast approval, a quick but quality build, and tidy profits.

Expert builders

We’ll match you with a reliable builder from our network of high-quality, financially secure professionals, to execute your project – fast.

BuildFast Continuous Wealth Creation Strategy

We can show you how to add and even own a new unit to your portfolio every single year!

Our Designs

BuildFast Property handles the entire design, approval and building process for you. We can find the right land for you, or look over the land you’ve already acquired. Our specialty is helping you achieve your goals – fast, and we’ll take care of as much or as little of the heavy lifting as  you need!


Complying Houses

Complying Houses refer to single residential dwellings that can be built without council approval.



A duplex is a single residential building with two individual dwellings under the one roof.


Manor House

A manor house is a single residential building containing three or four dwellings on one lot of land.


Terrace House

A Terrace House is a minimum of three attached dwellings. The number of dwellings is determined by the width and size of the land.

Tell us where you want to build in NSW and we’ll send you a free report on how to build without waiting on council!

So what’s your current situation?

I already have land 

Fantastic! BuildFast may be able to help you get your approval and development done fast. Let’s chat!

I haven’t purchased land yet 

No problem. BuildFast can help you find the perfect land and building design to suit your goal and budget. Let’s chat!

Custom Solutions

About BuildFast

BuildFast Property was established to fast-track the residential development process of Low Rise Medium Density Housing in NSW.

We do this by obtaining Complying Development Certificates (CDC) to avoid council altogether, having a menu of CDC plans already designed to suit any complying block of land and by utilising a tested network of efficient professionals & contractors.

BuildFast Property’s team has a long history and working knowledge of successfully working on single and multi-storey residential developments throughout the Hunter, Central Coast and Northern NSW regions.

Word On The Street…

We recently met with BuildFast and completely changed our property strategy to now use BuildFast’s CDC designs and processes to increase profit margins whilst also improving turn around time.

TonyProject Engineer

As entry level investors we weren’t sure on where to begin. My husband and I were looking for land to buy, when we stumbled across a piece of land we were interested in, that was owned by BuildFast. We spoke with Grant Mostyn, who was happy to meet with us on a Saturday afternoon to discuss it. All the information was laid out for us but as it happened, we weren’t financially ready at the time. Fast forward one year later and we picked up where we left off with Grant, with the intention to get our 1st project underway. Grant at BuildFast promptly arranged dual key, duplex and multiple unit packages for us to look at in accordance with our budget and build location. Grant was knowledgeable about the current market, provided investment strategies and was available to meet our every request. We highly recommend BuildFast and will continue to use them in the future to develop our investment portfolio.

Chelsea and Matthew O`ConnorWife & husband investors

The BuildFast Process

We specialise in Medium Density Development and aim to take your projects from initial purchase to the project being completed and sold or rented within the following time frames:

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Land Due Diligence

The next step is for us to identify the ideal land for you. Once we locate it, we’ll then check that it can be approved through complying development, and confirm it can deliver your desired outcomes..


Design Placement

BuildFast has created an exclusive Site Check and Quoting System, which delivers the fastest approval process in NSW and eliminates the need for council approval. Our cutting-edge technology will overlay our pre-designed, pre-approved property designs over an aerial view of your block of land, to almost instantly confirm the project’s Complying Development Certificate (CDC). This technology is so revolutionary, it must be seen to be believed!



BuildFast has its own real estate agency to help you generate an income – fast. Our team specialise in pre-sales, which means we can sell your property even before it’s been built! How’s that for a fast outcome?


Complying Development Certificate (CDC) Approval

BuildFast’s unique Site Check and Quoting System is designed to generate an immediate confirmation of your Complying Development Certificate (CDC) Approval.


The Build

From our network of reliable and trustworthy builders, we’ll match a builder to our project based on the timing, budget and build level that you’re after. For the entire duration of the project our focus and commitment will remain on quality, timing and cost, to ensure your goals are achieved as fast and efficiently as possible.



Once construction is complete, it’s time to pop another cork because it’s settlement time! And if you’re looking to sell or rent part of your property, our real estate agents have the connections and expertise you need to achieve those desired outcomes. We’ve got you covered!


A Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is a fast-track approval process that is legislated by the NSW government and sits above the local council rules. Where we can develop under a CDC, there is no need for local council approval or neighbours to be notified prior to approval.

From 6th July 2018, the NSW Government introduced the “Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code”. This code incorporates the existing “Exempt and Complying Development State Environmental Planning Policy” and allows developers and property owners to build and subdivide dual occupancies, manor houses and terrace houses, without the need to apply to council for a development application.

A duplex is a single residential building with two individual dwellings under the one roof. Duplexes are also known as a ‘dual occupancy’ where each side is a completely separate home with its own entrance, amenities and yard. Duplexes (or dual occupancy) are built as one structure which minimises the build cost and maximises investment return.

A manor house is a single residential building containing three or four dwellings on one lot of land. With each dwelling having its own entrance and amenities, a manor house can be up to two storeys high(excluding any basement). Each dwelling is attached by a common wall or floor and is built as one structure, often on top of one another. Manor Homes can also be referred to as a multi-dwelling house or residence.

A Terrace House is a minimum of 3 attached dwellings on a block with a minimum land frontage of 18 metres.  There is not a set maximum number of dwellings you can develop on a block to obtain a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) under the LRMDHC. The maximum number of dwellings is determined by the specifications of the block, which includes the width of the land frontage.

There is not a set maximum number of dwellings you can develop on a block to obtain a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) under the LRMDHC.  The maximum number of dwellings is determined by the type of building. Duplexes are limited to 2, manor houses are limited to 4 and terrace houses have no maximum number of dwellings.

Each site is independently costed, as site costs need to be accurately estimated to keep the overall cost down. Cost factors include groundworks, accessibility to site, and services connection costs. Whilst the cost of the “building” can be easily determined, the cost of the complete project is variable and dependent upon the factors above.

From purchase of the land to sale of the finished product, BuildFast Property allows 6-9 months per project.

With an efficient due-diligence process, we’re able to avoid the issues that most other developers have to deal with.

We buy the right sites!

With 25+ years’ experience, the BuildFast team has the knowledge and experience to work through any issues that may arise.

BuildFast has over 25 years of knowledge and experience developing property and will provide a comprehensive assessment of your project to assist with your decision making.

By choosing from a panel of well run, financially secure builders. We prefer medium to large sized builders except where a smaller builder has a long-term track record and is personally known to us.

Please refer to the Home Building Compensation Fund (HBCF) page (formerly known as Home Warranty) for further information on their safety net for home owners in NSW faced with incomplete and defective building work carried out by a builder or tradesperson.

We can provide a fixed price design and construction contract through our preferred builders. The builder remunerates BuildFast for design and development management.

By developing under a Complying Development Certificate (CDC), you avoid the need to get a Development Approval (DA) through the relevant local council. This also means that:

  • You are not required to notify neighbours of your development prior to approval
  • You will not be issued with onerous Conditions of Consent from council which can cause a DA to be unviable
  • You can complete your development approximately 50% faster

YES… and NO! We can bypass the relevant local council and get your development project approved, but we have to tell your neighbours AFTER it is approved. Developing under a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) means there is NO NOTIFICATION PERIOD!

Sure thing! We work with specialist finance brokers and will recommend a broker that has experience in your particular circumstances.

Once we know your budget and outcomes we can usually find a suitable site within a few weeks. In certain circumstances we recommend you engage an experienced Buyers Agent who specialises in residential development sites.

Yes – we are licenced real estate agents and can market your property from an early stage. We help many of our clients sell individual dwellings prior to the completion of each build.

We also work with real estate and buyers agents who we know and trust as our focus is on getting the best results for our clients.

We can provide a package or help you with your existing building site. If you have land please send us over the address and we can confirm whether it is possible to carry out a CDC.

Not making changes is generally the most economical way but if you have specific requirements then we can certainly make the changes you need.

Feel free to get in touch and ask us!