CDC Building Approval Process

CDC approval in NSW can be hard to navigate – learn more about the CDC building approval process.

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What is the Low Rise Medium Diversity Housing Code (LRMDHC)?

From 6th July 2018, the NSW Government introduced the “Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code”, which was updated in July 2020 to “Low Rise Housing Diversity Code”.

This code incorporates the existing Exempt and Complying Development State Environmental Planning Policy and allows developers and property owners to build and subdivide Dual Occupancies, Manor Houses and Terrace Houses, without the need to apply to council for a development application.

What is a Complying Development Certificate (CDC)?

A Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is a fast-track approval process that is legislated by the NSW government, which sits above the local council rules.

This means, when we can develop your property under a CDC, there is no requirement for local council approval. In addition, you also don’t need to notify neighbours prior to approval.


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What is the benefit of using a CDC for my multi-residential development?

BuildFast’s exclusive Site and Quote System delivers a certainty of approval, while also saving you time – and we all know, when it comes to property development, time is money!

BuildFast’s CDC approval system eliminates the need to seek council or neighbour approval, which means you avoid delays, saving you precious time and money.

Where can I use a CDC approval in NSW?

A Complying Development Certificate (CDC) can be used all throughout NSW, provided the land is suitable in terms of zoning and other factors. At BuildFast we can help you find your ideal NSW exempt and complying development site on which to build your CDC property.

What types of property can be built with a CDC approval in NSW?

There are several different types of property which can be built using CDC development in NSW. At BuildFast we offer CDC compliant designs for single occupancy houses in single and multi-storey designs, along with dual occupancy duplexes and multiple occupancy manor houses and terrace houses.


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Why are CDC building approvals a major opportunity for investors?

The speed and certainty of approval makes CDC development in NSW an investment opportunity unlike any other. Because our eight-step process is repeatable it can allow you to continually invest and build up a property portfolio. 

As an example of how we can help you grow your property portfolio through exempt complying development, when you build a BuildFast Duplex, we can sell one for you, while you keep the other. This means you receive your deposit back, which you can then use to invest in a new project. In fact, you can actually  add a unit every year to your portfolio by doing so. And think about this: if you build four units, you could sell three and keep one. This would enable you to own a unit every year. We call it the BuildFast Continuous Wealth Creation Strategy and it really is that simple!

What’s the process?

Explore the BuilldFast journey and you’ll understand how and why we deliver the fastest approvals in NSW.

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Land Due Diligence

The next step is for us to identify the ideal land for you. Once we locate it, we’ll then check that it can be approved through complying development, and confirm it can deliver your desired outcomes..


Design Placement

BuildFast has created an exclusive Site Check and Quoting System, which delivers the fastest approval process in NSW and eliminates the need for council approval. Our cutting-edge technology will overlay our pre-designed, pre-approved property designs over an aerial view of your block of land, to almost instantly confirm the project’s Complying Development Certificate (CDC). This technology is so revolutionary, it must be seen to be believed!



BuildFast has its own real estate agency to help you generate an income – fast. Our team specialise in pre-sales, which means we can sell your property even before it’s been built! How’s that for a fast outcome?


Complying Development Certificate (CDC) Approval

BuildFast’s unique Site Check and Quoting System is designed to generate an immediate confirmation of your Complying Development Certificate (CDC) Approval.


The Build

From our network of reliable and trustworthy builders, we’ll match a builder to our project based on the timing, budget and build level that you’re after. For the entire duration of the project our focus and commitment will remain on quality, timing and cost, to ensure your goals are achieved as fast and efficiently as possible.



Once construction is complete, it’s time to pop another cork because it’s settlement time! And if you’re looking to sell or rent part of your property, our real estate agents have the connections and expertise you need to achieve those desired outcomes. We’ve got you covered!