Complying House Design Plans

We have created stunning house designs and plans that don’t require council approval.

Complying Houses refer to single residential dwellings that can be built without council approval. We can organise a custom design for you, or you can choose a design from our database of pre-approved designs.

Whether your new house is to live in, be an investment property or to maximize income with short-term rentals, the options are endless.

Complying Development Certificates (CDC) avoid the need for council approval, and can be carried out across most areas of NSW. 

BuildFast Property’s sophisticated, fast-tracked CDC approval system gives you the green light to build the complying development of your dreams!

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6 Reasons to Build Fast with BuildFast


Fastest approval process in NSW

Our exclusive CDC system bypasses the need for council approval, so developments are super fast, simple and stress-free.

Unrivalled experience

We out-experience every competitor in NSW when it comes to Complying Development Certificates (CDCs), which ultimately means you can start pocketing your property profits faster.

Fully customisable designs and floor plans

We’ve done the hard yards in pre-design to ensure our fully customisable dual occupancies, manor homes, duplexes and terraces are already compliant.

Land selection

We’ll help you find the right land that lends itself to fast approval, a quick but quality build, and tidy profits.

Expert builders

We’ll match you with a reliable builder from our network of high-quality, financially secure professionals, to execute your project – fast.

BuildFast Continuous Wealth Creation Strategy

We can show you how to add and even own a new unit to your portfolio every single year!