The BuildFast Process

Learn how we get your approval and build finished – fast. Streamlined and simple process to start building your wealth today.

  • Step 1. Financial Check Up

    First, we’ll connect you with one of our specialist mortgage brokers to confirm your borrowing capacity. If you’ve already had your finances approved, our brokers will check to ensure you have the best option available to you, free of charge. Once we confirm your borrowing capacity we’ll customise the entire process accordingly.

  • Step 2. Land Due Diligence

    The next step is to identify the ideal land for you. Once we locate it, we’ll then check that it can be approved through complying development and deliver your desired outcomes.

  • Step 3. Exchange

    Once we’ve located the perfect land to match your goals, it’s time to exchange on the land itself. At this point in time, you can pop the champagne, because you’ve just secured your dream block!

  • Step 4. Design Placement

    BuildFast has created an exclusive Site Check and Quoting System, which delivers the fastest approval process in NSW and eliminates the need for council approval. Our cutting-edge technology will overlay our pre-designed, pre-approved building designs over an aerial view of your block of land, to instantly confirm the project’s Complying Development Certificate (CDC) suitability. This technology is so revolutionary, it must be seen to be believed!

  • Step 5. Pre-Sales

    BuildFast have a network of local and national real estate agents who specialise in development pre-sales. This means you can sell your property before it’s been built enabling you to make a profit – fast!

  • Step 6. Complying Development Certificate (CDC) Approval

  • Step 7. The Build

    From our network of reliable and trustworthy builders, we’ll match a builder to our project based on the timing, budget and build level that you’re after. For the entire duration of the project our focus and commitment will remain on quality, timing and cost, to ensure your goals are achieved as fast and efficiently as possible.

  • Step 8. Settlement/Rent

    Once construction is complete, it’s time to pop another cork because it’s settlement time! If you’re looking to sell or rent part of your property, our real estate agents have the connections and expertise you need to achieve your desired outcomes. We’ve got you covered!